How to Increase Engagement on Instagram Posts? Here are a Few Tips

In the video below, here are the topics that are discussed:

  1. What is meant by engagement on Instagram?
  2. Growing Organically:
    1. Why uploading consistent content is necessary- What happens when you don’t upload content consistently.
    2. How to increase your reach- Running insta live
      – Reels
      – Posts
  3. Bots and fake followers
    1. How do they make more loss than gains
  4. Instagram reels
    1. Gets viral easily
    2. Reels has more engagement
  5. Using Hashtags
    1. Differentiates our content from others
    2. We can use up to 30 hashtags
  6. Post Timings
    1. Upload content when your audience is most active
  7. Main Takeaways
    1. Why you shouldn’t buy bots & fake followers
    2. What to do if you have taken a long gap
    3. Uploading Reels

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